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Product Development

Product developement

With modern production and constant quality and final controlling we guarantee our wholesalers, company and private clients the usual known quality of the entire TWIN BUSCH production range.


Twin Busch

Product developement in Germany

Developement and prototype at Twin Busch
The product developement is based in Bensheim D-64625 and covers mostly the construction, design, testing and component choice of the TwinBusch products. and also the developement of existing products.

3D Model
Along with our 3D.CAD system we also have 3D printer, which enables us to animate and print fuctional models which really helps to accelerate the developement.

Building Prototypes
Most of the prototypes are built in Bensheim, and before the product goes to the mass production it is rigourously tested. It is also the duty of our R&D to get the products through the CE certificate.

3D printer in action
With some of the complex 3D constructions in connection with a 3D printer we can detect problems in the early stages and react accordingly.

Financing / Leasing

No. 1 in Europe

Our merchandise has absolutely nothing to do with the product of our competitors. They are also not produced in the same production. As a company with more than 75 emplayees in Europe, we engineer and develop our products in Germany Ourselves.


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Technical employees

Technical emloyees


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